The Little Red Dog - On a Mission From Dog

Indulge in the joy of giving with The Little Red Dog Collection, a line of delectable treats crafted with love for our four-legged friends. Founded in memory of a courageous little red American Pit Bull Terrier who tragically fell victim to Michael Vick's dog fighting ring, The Little Red Dog organization stands tall with the mantra "On a Mission From Dog." They champion the cause of every dog, transcending coat color and breed discrimination, embodying a true spirit of rescue. Their commitment knows no breed discrimination; they stand as a true rescue, dedicated to aiding as many animals as possible and, above all, finding them loving forever homes.

When you choose any treat from The Little Red Dog Collection, your thoughtful selection becomes a gesture of generosity as your chosen treat is donated to the rescue on your behalf. As a token of appreciation for your kindness, we pledge an additional 25% of the proceeds to further support The Little Red Dog in their noble pursuit of saving lives. Join us in this collective effort to save more dog lives, one treat at a time!

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