The Rescues

We hold the belief that every puppy should be provided with a caring home. This is why we are dedicated to assisting local rescues in Southern Orange County. A portion of all our sales is allocated directly to the following rescue organizations:

  • The Little Red Dog
    • The Little Red Dog is a dog rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for dogs in need. They focus on rescuing overlooked and challenging-to-adopt dogs from high-kill shelters and difficult situations. The organization provides medical care, behavior training, and spaying/neutering to ensure the dogs are healthy and ready for adoption. Through a network of volunteers and foster homes, they match each dog with a suitable forever home, promoting responsible pet ownership along the way. Their work has made a significant impact, saving numerous dogs and creating loving connections between dogs and their adoptive families.
  • The H.I.T. Living Foundation
    • HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRUST are the three main pillars of our mission at The HIT Living Foundation. We strive to live by these ethos within our foundation and personal lives. The HIT Living Foundation has come to fruition through the willingness to act on our compassion for others and by doing so with open hearts and objective minds.

      HIT Living is a lifestyle choice, one that can be made by each and every one of us through mindfulness of our decisions and time. At the HIT Living Foundation, we direct our energies in areas where we believe the world's voiceless need it most - animal welfare with a focus in dog rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, domestic and international community outreach and animal welfare education and most importantly, implementing every day small acts of kindness. We at HIT Living seek to create a lifestyle that captures the essence of one of the wisest creatures to grace this earth